5 Fun Ways to Use a 5-Gallon Bucket

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5 Fun Ways to use a 5-gallon bucket

Did you know there are all kinds of things you can do with a 5-Gallon Bucket? Sure, we’ve all used them on a project site… and of course you can wash your car or store food with them. But check out these other really fun options that’ll keep you from being bored on a Sunday afternoon:

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How To Choose The Best Candidate

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Best CandidatesThere was probably a time when you got down to the final two or three candidates, and you had a hard time choosing between them. Each of them had admirable – but very different – qualities that they brought to the table, and you just couldn’t figure out how to weigh your options. Here are some guidelines that, as we’ve seen, will make a huge difference in the satisfaction of your decision, long after you’ve made the hire.

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Northwest Construction Job Growth Strong in 2016

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Construction Job GrowthThe Pacific Northwest has a long history of being a coveted place to live, what with boasting affordable living and exciting culture, but as of the past year states like Oregon, Washington and Alaska have seen a population increase due to the surge in the job market. After all, to be able to afford to live in such beautiful states, newcomers need jobs to support themselves. These jobs aren’t just coming from local coffee shops or corner stores — the construction industry has met record highs in many northwestern states.

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Is There a Career in Construction for Candidates with Big Data Skills?

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Is There a Career in Construction for Candidates with Big Data Skills?Most people do not associate the construction industry with the big data revolution, but this could be a mistake if you are currently in the job market.

Big data is not just for Silicon Valley tech firms or high-speed traders anymore!

In this article, we’ll look at how big data affects the construction industry, and what kind of careers exist for those with big data skills.

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4 Ways to Make Your Construction More Appealing Through Sustainability

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echo buildingOver the past 20 years, sustainability has become a big buzzword in the construction community.

Not only do non-sustainable buildings emit energy, and produce waste materials, but environmental experts are beginning to look at the effect all this building is having on the world overall.  This means there will be more studies and research, which will most likely prove the importance of sustainability.

In the UK, research has already shown that 45 percent of overall carbon emissions come from the built environment.

With an increased call for more responsibility for both public welfare and environmental sustainability, how can you become better at making your construction projects more sustainable?

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