How Millennials Are Fueling the Next Big Construction Trend

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Millenial workersDo you know what a millennial is?

You’ve probably heard the term or seen the term but you may not know exactly what a millennial is and isn’t.

A millennial or generation Y, also sometimes called the “net” generation is a demographic cohort between generation X and Z. Basically millennial are anyone born after 1980 and before 2005, give or take.

So how are millennial driving the biggest trend in new construction right now?

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How Do Construction Careers Provide Fulfillment?

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BuildingConstruction jobs are hard work. They can involve backbreaking labor, stifling heat and long days. On the other hand, construction allows you to work outside, move around throughout the day and a chance to contribute to your local community.

Construction can also provide a strong sense of personal fulfillment. That may sound strange, but consider these unique advantages to a career in construction.

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