Being A Madden Recruiter Is Awesome

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Being A Madden Recruiter Is AwesomeI have a pretty great career. All these craftsmen come in to apply for jobs, and I can’t help but be amazed by them. Craftsmen are true talent. They’ve got skills the world needs. They have skills even I need! They pave the roads I drive on, the build the apartment I live in. Just another reason I love working with craftsmen!  It’s especially rewarding when we’re able to form long term relationships over the course of their career.

I guess that’s why I work at Madden.

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Take control of your job search and expand opportunities to get hired.

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Need to Expand Your Job Search? Do ThisLooking for a new job is a universally challenging process, especially today when thousands of resumes can be sent online in a blink of an eye, and the candidate pool is widening every day. Sometimes your job leads run dry, or you simply lose the motivation to find what you’re looking for. While it may feel like you’ve exhausted all options, it is important to take a step back and consider what can be done to create more opportunities for you. Keep in mind that while you need a job that satisfies many aspects of your life, employers need a valuable and multifaceted employee, so don’t be discouraged when you’re not finding the right job—you just need to expand your horizons!

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4 Ways to Make Your Construction More Appealing Through Sustainability

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echo buildingOver the past 20 years, sustainability has become a big buzzword in the construction community.

Not only do non-sustainable buildings emit energy, and produce waste materials, but environmental experts are beginning to look at the effect all this building is having on the world overall.  This means there will be more studies and research, which will most likely prove the importance of sustainability.

In the UK, research has already shown that 45 percent of overall carbon emissions come from the built environment.

With an increased call for more responsibility for both public welfare and environmental sustainability, how can you become better at making your construction projects more sustainable?

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