Affordable Housing Projects Coming to Portland

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Portland Housing Construction

Portland is considered one of the economic hotspots of the Northwest, so it comes as no surprise that young professionals are making their way out to the scenic coastal region of Oregon. However, the demand of housing in the area has caused there to be a shortage of over 20,000 affordable housing options in the Portland area, an issue that is affecting mainly younger individuals because of their limited financial means.

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When Should You Have a Traditional Resume for Construction?

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When Should You Have a Traditional Resume for Construction

Not that long ago, you could get a construction job with just a recommendation from a friend or by responding to an ad in the paper. Unfortunately for you, those days are (mostly) long gone.

Today, construction-hiring managers often ask to see a resume and you might not get the job if yours is not up-to-par with industry expectations.

In this article, we will give you a few tips to help you help you smooth out your construction resume to get that job!

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