Northwest Construction Job Growth Strong in 2016

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Construction Job GrowthThe Pacific Northwest has a long history of being a coveted place to live, what with boasting affordable living and exciting culture, but as of the past year states like Oregon, Washington and Alaska have seen a population increase due to the surge in the job market. After all, to be able to afford to live in such beautiful states, newcomers need jobs to support themselves. These jobs aren’t just coming from local coffee shops or corner stores — the construction industry has met record highs in many northwestern states.

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How to Improve at Networking in 2017

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Improve at NetworkingEven if you happen to be a seasoned industry professional with a notable job history, you might have difficulties taking the next step in your career if your contact list is a little sparse. With the new year approaching, it’s important to take a step back and re-evaluate your career goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. Networking is an important part of furthering one’s career, and everyone can benefit from it, no matter if you are new to your profession or an industry veteran. Here are a few ways to pad your contact list and make valuable acquaintances in the industry:

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Job Growth in Oregon Is the Best in the USA!

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job growthIf the abundance of stunning greenery, mild temperatures and prosperous foodie culture isn’t enough of a reason to love Oregon, it’s job growth is certain to draw in crowds. Oregon’s trend of economic prosperity is steadily increasing thanks to the number of new residents and their need for jobs. In fact, job growth was widespread over most major industries, and none experienced a decline whatsoever. Even more promisingly, temp agencies are turning out new jobs, which is a strong indication that Oregon is finally over the devastating recession it was faced with over a decade ago. Word of Oregon’s striking job growth has reached across the U.S., and many have relocated to the northwestern coast to profit from the abundant job opportunities.

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4 Ways to Deal with Internal Team Conflict

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nov4_800x533_istock_15606203It would be remiss to say that co-workers and their effects on you stop when you punch out for the day. They are in many ways like family, people that you are connected to whether you like it or not, and conflict may arise because of this tight-knit existence. The workplace can be a stressful area, and tensions often run high, so it is important to keep level-headed when things heat up.

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What Can a Drone Do to Help Construction Projects?

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nov3_800x533_istock_85342843As the rest of the world’s industries are adjusting to the rapidly growing demands of clients and consumers, technology is needed to keep pace and continue growth. While the construction industry may be lagging behind as far as automation is concerned, it is apparent that a new trend is on the horizon, and it will change the way construction projects are carried out. Drones are the shiny new addition to the industry, and there are numerous ways that they can make lengthy, strenuous projects much easier on both the workers and clients.

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Should Temp Work Be on Your Resume?

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nov2_800x596_istock_27657925Make no mistake, temp work may not be the longest employment stint in your career, but it is very valuable nonetheless. It may have been a less-than-ideal position years ago, when a long career with one company was valued, but in today’s workforce it is more than acceptable to take a variety of job offers over the course of your career, temp work included.

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What Steps Are Being Taken to Minimize Deadly Construction Accidents?

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nov1_800x560_istock_15524254It is no secret that working in the construction industry comes with several risks to workers health. Working with heavy machinery or other imposing tools onsite requires a significant amount of keenness for safety. Luckily, accidents are down as of recent years, but now isn’t a time to become lenient – deadly accidents still occur at frequent rates.

A safety research team has been working on a tool that can measure risk factors, something that can prove useful in minimizing deadly mishaps. Industry experts realize that even with careful safety measures and flawless execution of dangerous tasks, fatalities still occur, which is why this tool is being developed in order to try a new strategy for minimizing onsite fatalities in the construction industry.

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One of the Economies in the Country? Yes, It’s Oregon!

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One of the Economies in the Country? Yes, It’s Oregon!It’s no secret that Oregon took a big hit during the recession in 2009. Jobs were scarce, and the economy hadn’t been hit so hard in nearly thirty years. Portland was one of the cities hit hardest by the Great Recession, due to dependence on the real estate market which plummeted in the following years. However, Oregon has slowly but surely seen improvement, and last year they even managed to beat Washington regarding economic growth rate, something they rarely manage to do even though Washington and Oregon share several similarities. The city of Portland is seeing the greatest comeback, specifically in the housing market, which has beaten out several other epicenters in the nation.

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What Do Pokémon Go and Construction Have in Common?

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What Do Pokémon Go and Construction Have in Common?The augmented reality craze that swept the nation with millions of users might seem to some like a simple game, at most an interactive way to pass the time, but it’s not just a gimmicky phone app. There is a reason why so many people find Pokémon Go to be highly addicting, minus the fact that it’s fun to catch Pokémon around your city; this is where the idea of augmented reality comes into the picture.

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What Skills Are Needed to Negotiate Construction Contracts?

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What Skills Are Needed to Negotiate Construction Contracts?Signing a construction contract comes with numerous risks involved, as does anything with your signature attached. Taking the extra time to fine-tune contract details will save everyone involved time and money, because nothing deters a project more than miscommunication or contract errors. Negotiations aren’t everyone’s natural strong suit, listed below are a few things to keep in mind to avoid conflict before closing a deal and breaking ground.

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