5 Tips to Help Your Construction Crew Avoid Burnout

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Construction Crew BurnoutYour clients want their construction project finished yesterday and ideally under budget, right?

That can lead to a lot pressure from the client, which trickles down through your team.

Putting too much pressure on your team can cause what’s called burnout, and not only diminish the quality of the work but can also lead to longer time frames to complete projects.

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How Do Construction Careers Provide Fulfillment?

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BuildingConstruction jobs are hard work. They can involve backbreaking labor, stifling heat and long days. On the other hand, construction allows you to work outside, move around throughout the day and a chance to contribute to your local community.

Construction can also provide a strong sense of personal fulfillment. That may sound strange, but consider these unique advantages to a career in construction.

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How Can Your Construction Company Have a Great Community Relationship?

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buildersHaving a strong presence in your local community is important for any business. In construction, it’s essential. The more available you are to your community, the more often they will think of you when there’s a project to be done. Keep your distance, and so will they.

Building those relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, active effort and just the right approach. Here are a few tips to help you build those essential relationships.

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What Do You Say to a Reference You Haven’t Contacted in Years?

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You’ve polished your resume. You’ve brushed up on the latest trends in your industry. Your cover letter is succinct and tailored for each employer. You’re ready to start the job hunt in earnest. There’s just one problem. When was the last time you talked with your references?

If it’s been a long time since you’ve been in touch with your references, you’ll need to reach out to them before you start putting their names on your application forms. No one likes to be surprised, and if you don’t let your references know you’re looking for work, they might feel unprepared to respond to questions. And that won’t look good for you.

Contacting someone just to ask a favor can be uncomfortable, but following these tips will help you make the best impression.

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How Will Robotic Automation Affect Construction?

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When thinking about automation and improving processes, the construction industry probably isn’t the first job that comes to mind. However, it is an industry that will benefit from efficiency and improved technologies. We’re a far cry from having robots take over the construction of entire buildings, but chances are the day will come when robots are able to do much of the repetitive work where humans traditionally would be required. What will that mean for construction companies and workers?

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4 Ways for Your Construction Team to Stay Cool This Summer

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summer heat
Construction Contractors building a big new home

Summer is almost here, and temperatures are already beginning to rise. The warmer weather is a welcome change, but it can also create a new danger on the worksite. The heat can exhaust your team, the sun can burn, and hard physical labor makes everyone prone to dehydration.

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Prepare Your Skills to Help with Green Building

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green energyIf you haven’t embraced green building, you’re limiting your job prospects. Green construction is no longer a fringe movement for Prius-driving environmentalists. Corporate clients are embracing green building as a means of cutting energy costs, meeting new government regulations and presenting a social conscious to their clients. Residential customers are turning to green products to reduce their energy costs, improve their homes’ efficiency and benefit from the growing number of federal and state tax incentives.

Are you prepared for green building? Whether you’re experienced with green construction standards or not, becoming familiar with these four sustainability trends will increase your marketability.

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How Is the Hardware Renaissance Affecting Manufacturing?

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How Is the Hardware Renaissance Affecting ManufacturingIt’s been a long time since any of us have scanned the shelves at our local electronic stores and spotted a once familiar tag: Made in the USA. In recent decades, as Silicon Valley has flourished, most of the technology being designed there has been manufactured overseas. But that trend is changing.

There’s a new movement amongst young tech entrepreneurs to move away from software development and into hardware creation. The rise of wearable technology and Internet-connected devices is doing for the hardware industry what mobile apps have done for the software world, opening the doors for small, independent entrepreneurs to step in with small-scale production but huge results.

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Why the Manufacturing Industry Offers Jobs You Aren’t Aware Of

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Why the Manufacturing Industry Offers Jobs You Aren’t Aware OfOver the next decade, American manufacturers are expected to have nearly three million job openings. Unfortunately, chances are your school’s guidance counselor or career advisor never talked to you about those opportunities. There are couple of reasons for this. First, in the early part of this century manufacturing jobs in the U.S. took a big hit. Many jobs were being moved overseas, where labor is cheaper. And then the recession hit, and every industry suffered. On top of that, most young Americans aren’t looking for manufacturing jobs.

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Meet Customer Demand in Manufacturing Through Mass Customization

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Meet Customer Demand in Manufacturing Through Mass CustomizationCustom-made products are catching on in a big way. Modern technology allows small-scale factories to see profit with even small production runs and to create custom products without purchasing new equipment or resetting everything on the production floor. Suddenly, small water bottle manufacturers can let customers design their own bottles, customizing everything from the pattern, size, and even shape. With the right software and equipment, a modern factory can create a million unique items without having to charge more or even spend extra time creating them.

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