Why Military Vets Make Great Craftsmen

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Why Military Vets Make Great Craftsmen

There’s a huge demand for construction, and a big shortage of available skilled craftsmen to fill the labor need. With more than 200,000 military service members that are entering the workforce in the US each year, veterans can make a huge impact to decrease your company’s labor gap. And the best news is that Military Vets make really great craftsmen too! Here are some of their qualities, which give you big reasons to consider hiring a veteran for your next available job:

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How To Talk About Your Military Experience In A Job Interview

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memorial Day vetsMilitary veterans often find it difficult to transition into the civilian workforce. A recent study showed that 74% of post-9/11 Veterans believe that it will be harder for them to find work than non-military civilians with the same experience! While military work and life can indeed be very different, military skills are transferrable. If you’re a veteran, here are some ways that you can highlight your experience to a potential interviewer or recruiter and show how they make you qualified for the civilian job you’re applying for:

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