How to Overcome the Labor Shortage with a Training Program

How to Overcome the Labor Shortage with a Training Program

It’s getting more difficult to hire quality craftsmen because of the smaller pool of workers in our field. So, if you want to keep a high level of craftsmanship in your work product, you may have to start hiring promising younger candidates and train them yourself! Here are some things you can do to build a new training system:

Utilize Your Experienced Staff

Your more experienced craftsmen can really help you make a training program successful. Talk to them and ask them if they’d be willing to be a mentor and train new hires. Consider offering additional compensation or other rewards. And involve them in the process as you build or add this to your training program.

Offer High Pay and Flexibility

In order to lure potential craftsmen away from other career tracks, offering a competitive income – in comparison to other industry entry-level jobs – is key. Many younger candidates want to be able to work on their own schedule too, so it helps to offer flexible job opportunities and projects.

Show Off Your Best Work

You can help overcome negative stereotypes by highlighting the beautiful work of your best craftsmen. If they are well-known for their projects, use their name and notoriety. Hire them to be mentors in your program as well!

Be Creative

Think about how your training program can be exciting or different, in order to entice candidates – even if it’s just for a short time. For example, you could target the training program to High School graduates who need to save money for college, or perhaps you have a college student scholarship. They might enjoy it so much that they decide to pursue a craftsman career instead!

Brand Your Program

Build excitement internally, and that will translate as you’re out recruiting. Highlight the benefits and skills they’ll learn while working the trades, and communicate that to potential trainees.

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