5 Best Ways to Create a Safer Work Environment

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5 best Ways to Create a Safer Work Environment

In hiring craftsmen, we know that safety is always at the top of your mind. Sometimes it’s just the most basic habits that you can instill into your staff that can make the biggest impact on keeping them safe. Here are the best ways for you to make a big impact to protect your staff on the job:

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Trends In Construction Technology

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Trends in Construction Technology

All kinds of new technology are affecting the industry, giving all kinds of new efficiencies to your company that allow you to scale and grow at a faster rate. Here are some of the more exciting things happening right now:

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Being A Madden Recruiter Is Awesome

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Being A Madden Recruiter Is AwesomeI have a pretty great career. All these craftsmen come in to apply for jobs, and I can’t help but be amazed by them. Craftsmen are true talent. They’ve got skills the world needs. They have skills even I need! They pave the roads I drive on, the build the apartment I live in. Just another reason I love working with craftsmen!  It’s especially rewarding when we’re able to form long term relationships over the course of their career.

I guess that’s why I work at Madden.

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Fight The Shortage By Attracting Younger Labor

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Younger EmployeesDue to cutbacks in the recession from 8-10 years ago, many craftsmen still haven’t returned to the job market. On top of that, a smaller pool of workers are entering field now. Some reports show that there are as many as 10 craftsmen retiring for every new one entering the field! And it’s having a big impact on the industry. A HomeAdvisor survey from last year showed that 93% of construction companies responded that they predict significantly slower growth in their business because of this shortage.

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How Can Your Construction Business Help the Trend of Homeowners Looking to Remodel?

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How Can Your Construction Business Help the Trend of Homeowners Looking to Remodel?

There have been two big trends in construction this year: The re-emergence of the single-family market, and a boom in the remodeling sector.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what the data tells us about remodeling, why experts are predicting a spike in the remodeling sector, and tell you exactly what markets are going to be re-modeling and how you can take advantage of this trend to build your business.

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4 Ways to Make Your Construction More Appealing Through Sustainability

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echo buildingOver the past 20 years, sustainability has become a big buzzword in the construction community.

Not only do non-sustainable buildings emit energy, and produce waste materials, but environmental experts are beginning to look at the effect all this building is having on the world overall.  This means there will be more studies and research, which will most likely prove the importance of sustainability.

In the UK, research has already shown that 45 percent of overall carbon emissions come from the built environment.

With an increased call for more responsibility for both public welfare and environmental sustainability, how can you become better at making your construction projects more sustainable?

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5 Tips to Help Your Construction Crew Avoid Burnout

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Construction Crew BurnoutYour clients want their construction project finished yesterday and ideally under budget, right?

That can lead to a lot pressure from the client, which trickles down through your team.

Putting too much pressure on your team can cause what’s called burnout, and not only diminish the quality of the work but can also lead to longer time frames to complete projects.

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How Do Construction Careers Provide Fulfillment?

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BuildingConstruction jobs are hard work. They can involve backbreaking labor, stifling heat and long days. On the other hand, construction allows you to work outside, move around throughout the day and a chance to contribute to your local community.

Construction can also provide a strong sense of personal fulfillment. That may sound strange, but consider these unique advantages to a career in construction.

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