How To Bust Job Search Burnout

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If you’ve been looking for a job for an extended period of time, it can really wear on you. In order to find a position that is rewarding, you must stay in a healthy mindset. Here are a few ways that you can overcome the frustrations of the search, and find yourself the perfect job:

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Are You Keeping Your Craftsmen Safe AND Healthy?

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There’s a common misconception that safety and health are the same thing, but they truly are not. And in our industry, employers tend to focus more on safety protocols without necessarily focusing on the overall well-being and health of their craftsmen. And, especially in the construction business, those safety rules can directly impact your team’s health. Here’s some areas where you may need to consider adjusting policy to create a balance of both safety and health:

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Why You Should Quit that Office Job you Hate and Become a Craftsman

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You don’t have to get a college degree or wear a suit to earn enough money for a comfortable lifestyle. A skilled trade career can provide a lucrative and satisfying lifestyle. Incomes range from 30K-90K per year, depending upon where you live and the demand or skills of your chosen craft. Here are some good reasons why you should consider a career as a craftsman:

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Great Entertainment (and Inspiration!) for Craftsmen

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There are some great television, cable, and now online shows that show off the talent and business savvy of craftsmen around the world. Here are a few to watch:

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Construction Continues To Grow In 2018

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The construction industry has been growing with the healthy economy and exciting innovations. Globally, various reports have indicated that the industry should continue to grow at an average rate of about 3% per year through the year 2021. The most recent 2018 Dodge Construction Outlook concurs, and the report also gave some additional specifics for the USA next year. Here are some of the highlights:

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Why You Should Dig Just 3 Feet Deeper

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There’s a famous story retold by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich, in which gentleman by the name of Darby moved out west from Maryland to Colorado with his uncle in search of gold during the rush days. At first it was going well, but they had financed the machinery and each day they dug further into the ground, they were also digging themselves further into debt. They finally decided to sell the machinery to a local machinery junkman.

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Interesting (But Mostly Useless) Construction Facts

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The construction industry has been around for a long time, and makes for some really strange, fun, and interesting facts. Here are a few that you may not know:

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The Best Holiday Gifts You’ll Give This Year Are Made Of PVC Pipe

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PVC pipe

Let’s be honest, the best gifts usually can’t be found at the mall. These are no exception. You’ll be able to make most of these fun and useful gadgets with not too many more tools than a pipe cutter or hacksaw and drill. And some PVC Pipe, of course.

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Why leadership is the best skill

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Why leadership is the best skill.

Of all the skills and talents you can acquire, leadership rules. As a boss, having leadership skills will help you achieve your business goals. Here at Madden, we think it’s one of the most important skills to look for in an employee as well! More leaders on your team will lead to amazing results for your projects and goals. Here are some of the big benefits of improving leadership skills – both your own, and on your team:

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Why Military Vets Make Great Craftsmen

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Why Military Vets Make Great Craftsmen

There’s a huge demand for construction, and a big shortage of available skilled craftsmen to fill the labor need. With more than 200,000 military service members that are entering the workforce in the US each year, veterans can make a huge impact to decrease your company’s labor gap. And the best news is that Military Vets make really great craftsmen too! Here are some of their qualities, which give you big reasons to consider hiring a veteran for your next available job:

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