What Hiring Managers Don’t Know About Military Veterans

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memorial day bootsThere’s a lot of stereotypes and misunderstandings when it comes to the skills and experience of a Military veteran. This may cause underlying fears from a hiring manager, even if they recognize the skills that a Military Veterans candidate can offer. Here are some common misconceptions that recruiters and hiring managers should reconsider:

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Will Lean Construction Methods Help You Make More Money?

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Will Lean Construction Methods Help You Make More Money?The “spend money to make more money” business technique may be applicable in some industries, but the construction industry thrives on streamlining techniques. Managing the construction process and ensuring that each step runs efficiently is an incredibly important aspect of keeping costs down and maintaining timeliness.

Keep these things in mind when implementing lean construction methods:

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How Workers Who Care Can’t Be Replaced by Robots

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How Workers Who Care Can’t Be Replaced by RobotsMiddle-class workers have always had mixed feelings towards the automation of the labor industry; on one hand, new technology can speed up tedious work but it can also jeopardize the necessity for human workers in general. The implementation of onsite technology certainly speeds up the process, but a complete technical overhaul of the construction process would do more harm than good because there would be a loss of the emotional aspect of development.

Even the construction industry, which is predominately based on physical development and labor, has an emotional side that robots couldn’t possibly compensate for. While machines can be programmed to carry out detailed measurements and produce accurate results, the fact of the matter is that human workers put time and effort out of their days to create a result that will inevitably impact other human beings. This emotional involvement is something that robots can’t possibly possess, and while they can certainly carry out tasks with efficiency they cannot make alternate and creative decisions that humans can.

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Why the Start of a Construction Project Makes an Enormous Impact

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the Start of a Construction Project Makes an Enormous ImpactIt is a well-known fact in the construction industry that the first steps of tackling a new project set the tone for the success of the project itself.  Even if the planning is impeccable and safety precautions are put into place, if the relationship with the client and project manager is not amicable, the project is already off to a shaky start. It is true that what really makes projects move along is the quality of the labor itself, but there is an undeniable ‘human’ element to all projects that can make or break the overall success.

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Will Construction Worker Shortages Slow the Economy?

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Will Construction Worker Shortages Slow the EconomyThe overbearing entity of the economy and its success inevitably boils down to the workers who put their efforts and resources into it; so it’s no surprise that the lack of workers, specifically in the construction industry, has an impact on the larger economic picture. Not only are companies struggling to find workers, but project completion is delayed largely because of the shortage in labor.

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How Can Your Construction Company Handle Riskier Projects This Year?

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Construction Project RiskIt’s no secret that the construction industry took an economic hit during the Great Recession. Many key industries to the American economy are still fighting to recover, and as a result, there are a variety of cost-effective initiatives established to guarantee the financial welfare of a post-recession company. However, risk taking is always an important part in any company’s growth, therefore cutting costs and taking the normal route can sometimes impair financial growth. After all, successful companies did not emerge by following the same guidelines their counterparts did.

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Affordable Housing Projects Coming to Portland

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Portland Housing Construction

Portland is considered one of the economic hotspots of the Northwest, so it comes as no surprise that young professionals are making their way out to the scenic coastal region of Oregon. However, the demand of housing in the area has caused there to be a shortage of over 20,000 affordable housing options in the Portland area, an issue that is affecting mainly younger individuals because of their limited financial means.

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Northwest Construction Job Growth Strong in 2016

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Construction Job GrowthThe Pacific Northwest has a long history of being a coveted place to live, what with boasting affordable living and exciting culture, but as of the past year states like Oregon, Washington and Alaska have seen a population increase due to the surge in the job market. After all, to be able to afford to live in such beautiful states, newcomers need jobs to support themselves. These jobs aren’t just coming from local coffee shops or corner stores — the construction industry has met record highs in many northwestern states.

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What Can a Drone Do to Help Construction Projects?

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nov3_800x533_istock_85342843As the rest of the world’s industries are adjusting to the rapidly growing demands of clients and consumers, technology is needed to keep pace and continue growth. While the construction industry may be lagging behind as far as automation is concerned, it is apparent that a new trend is on the horizon, and it will change the way construction projects are carried out. Drones are the shiny new addition to the industry, and there are numerous ways that they can make lengthy, strenuous projects much easier on both the workers and clients.

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What Steps Are Being Taken to Minimize Deadly Construction Accidents?

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nov1_800x560_istock_15524254It is no secret that working in the construction industry comes with several risks to workers health. Working with heavy machinery or other imposing tools onsite requires a significant amount of keenness for safety. Luckily, accidents are down as of recent years, but now isn’t a time to become lenient – deadly accidents still occur at frequent rates.

A safety research team has been working on a tool that can measure risk factors, something that can prove useful in minimizing deadly mishaps. Industry experts realize that even with careful safety measures and flawless execution of dangerous tasks, fatalities still occur, which is why this tool is being developed in order to try a new strategy for minimizing onsite fatalities in the construction industry.

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