Why The Best Craftsmen Don’t Work For You

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With the skills gap, there’s already a lot of competition for the most talented craftsmen available. In this market and economy, you need to do everything you can to attract and keep them. Here are some reasons why your company might be struggling to hire the best:

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The Future of Oregon’s Workforce

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Experts predict that the future workforce is going to be a completely different landscape. And while the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that unemployment will continue fall in the next year, they also forecast over 20 million new jobs created by the year 2020. It seems that there will simply be more jobs available than people are qualified for!

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Why Craftsmen Build a Better Plate of Nachos

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We know you take pride in anything you make, which is great news for your taste buds! Most craftsmen have a huge advantage in making a more delicious plate of nachos, because even the best cook probably doesn’t have your building skills. Here’s how to use that advantage to construct the most epic nachos ever:

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Ways To Show Your Employees Appreciation

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We know that in order to be the leading industrial staffing company in the Northwest, we must keep strong relationships with clients like you, and our employees. That’s why we developed the Madden Appreciation Program as one way to recognize and reward our employees’ skills and contributions. In this program we offer points to employees that they can cash in for rewards such as work gloves, flashlights, or Madden t-shirts.

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Breaking Down A Job Interview Thank You Note

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While most hiring managers probably won’t care if you hand write a thank you note, they do want to know that you are the type of employee that will follow-up and complete a job properly. That’s why we do encourage a brief thank you note, emailed within 24 hours after any job interview. Here’s the general formula we would recommend:

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Don’t Have a Human Resources Department? Madden Can Help

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Madden helps you find the best craftsmen, so that you can skip all the pre-screening, personal interviews, reference checks, and more, and get on to building something quick. However, you may not realize all the other extras you have available to you, just from being a client of ours. Beyond recruiting, we also offer many other resources that can truly help a small business thrive in their business, especially if you don’t have a full-fledged HR department. Here are some other ways that Madden can help you in addition to anything you need to hire talented craftsmen:

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The 5 Tools You Gotta Get in Shape for Summer

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Craftsmen usually take really great care of their work tools, but we’re not always known for keeping our own personal home tools in tip top shape. Summer’s in full swing in the Pacific Northwest, so now’s the time to give a little TLC to the main 5 tools that you’re most likely using during the warm months into the fall:

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Best Jobs for Veterans Right Now

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Most of us know someone whose been in the military, and have noticed some of the common traits from their training that makes them responsible friends and families. These same attributes make them great employees too, including trust, dependability, and efficiency. The construction industry, in particular, is a great one for veterans to transition into as they leave the military into the civilian life, because other hard skills that they’ve used in the service are directly transferable as well. Here’s some of the best jobs for veterans right now, because of the growing demand:

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The Best Sand in the Pacific Northwest

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If you use sandpaper on the job, you probably know that it’s name is pretty deceptive. That’s because it’s made with neither sand nor paper! The ‘sand’ grit used for the abrasive is typically fine grain of aluminum oxide or garnet, and it’s applied to a backing ‘paper’ that’s usually some sort of thin cloth, such as rayon, cotton, or polyester. The mineral dust might look sand, but it’s much sharper than ocean sand, and thus why sandpaper is technically considered to be a cutting tool. If you’re looking for some real sand, we think the best place to find it is riding atop an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) on the beach. Oregon and Washington have some great dunes, with several recreational areas to ride and explore. Here are some of our favorites:

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Robotics in Construction

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Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, so we’re always keeping an ear out for new innovations that can make job sites safer. In many cases, using robots is a great solution to this because it can be more efficient and also less risky. With the labor shortage, robots are even more welcome than ever.

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